NPO Tag background2

The NPO Tag was born out of a need to bring both the Topspin Tracker and the Publieks Onderzoek online measurements closer together. The Topspin Tracker is the tracker developed by Marketing Intelligence, and forms the basis for the recommendations and the Looker dashboards. The NPO Tag is essentially a wrapper around two distinct analytics SDKS, the divolte (dvt.js) SDK used by the NPO Marketing Intelligence Team and the AT Internet (smarttag.js) SDK used by the NPO Publieks Onderzoek department. Both teams share the same specification for measurements, the so-called “tagplan”. This plan is available upon request ( Although the fields are shared, some values are only availalable to one of the departments, for example the ProfileId (only available to MIT) and the noboType (only available to Publieks Onderzoek).

The NPO Tag has distributions for the following platforms: